… was here

Growing up as a kid, i use to look around.

I love to gaze and stare. I use to stop and sit down.

I want to remember things so i wait until dawn

Before i sleep and eventually be found

I wake up years and years apart

Somethings changed some stay the same by heart

Somethings are here and some not

Apparently this is called “growing up”

I dont know if i like it, but hey, aint gonna help by acting up

I stare again and find things have disappeare

Some that was here wasnt around so lemme state to be clear

Violence was here

Injustice was here

Pain was here

Poverty was here

Heartbreak was here

Anger was here

I look around nothing has changed they remain here

But yet, hope wasnt here at that time of year

I hope its now here and will always remain near

For hope is the only

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