What I’d Like…

You know what i’d like to do?

I’d like to buy my lil brother a new cellphone
The one he’s using right now is out of date
Waaaayyy out
I mean i can imagine what he has to went through everyday, hearing mocks or pranks about his cellphones from his friend.
That guy hasnt changed his cellphone for like ages. Its his 1st cell phone and its still his only!
I mean his numbers are even his mother’s
She gave it to him.

I’d like to get him a job.
A career.
The way i did with my sister.
ANd it was a good one too the one my sister’s having right now
It pays well, and she loves the job so much she wouldnt go home at the end of the day

Coz, my lil bro’s a Man.
With a girlfriend.
a WORKING girlfriend.
So i can imagine his pressure
his ego
Gettin’ pushed against the floors
He needs to be cut a slack.
He needs a job

You know what i’d like to do?
I’d like to give my sister a new cellphone too.
Since the last one she bought,
the one that was Credited,
The very new cellphone,
state of the art cellphone,
was lost at that Heineken Thirst Party.

She was devastated, man.
It broke my heart to see her like that

I wanna give her hope, since hope is something that seems to be missing
Things are not looking bright right now with my sister
She was SO close to Marriage
But it blew off.
Nothing of her fault.
It was the past, glooming, haunting back. Our family’s past.

You know what i’d like to do?

I’d like to help mom with her bills
Her Light bills
Her phone bills
Her debt (even though she never mentioned it, but i think she has some skelletons in her closet)
Right now, cashflow is kinda rusty.
She’s a retired banking talent that still get’s money from teaching at motivational courses for banks.

Its almost a Pro Bono thing
It doesnt pay much
Not enuff to pay her expenses at the end of the month.
Coz besides all those bills i mentioned.
There are more needs like food on the table and everything else.

Last but not least, she had mentioned about wanting to go Haji. Or at least Umroh.
Its expensive, and as a Manager, a Program Director, i can predict that her cashflow is not going her way.
Not enuff to get her that long awaited Haji.
She has to go there.
I will help her.

You know what i’d like to do?

I’d like to buy my dad his own house.
He is a Great Great man.
Some say Once
I say, Still.
No body understands him
But i think i can see through.
I see a bit of me in him.
I dont want to end up like him so i’ll try my very very best to help him out.
He, is living at a place, no bigger that a single bed room.
My dad
Living in a 3 X 4 !
He is a national hero. He DOES NOT deserve this.
All this time, i’ve been Living him. I paid his room contract, i paid for his needs, his foods, his clothes, his shoes, his VCD player, his VCD’s, his Mini Compo, his CD’s
I’ve been paying him for almost everything
But i knhow its not enuff
He’s still not out of the Mudd Hole
I’ll be strong
Strong enuff to pull him out.

You know what i’d like to do?

I’d like to Deminish, Evaporate, Vaporize, Destroy, Dissapeare, Throw away, Crush, Lose, all the Liabilities my family has.
Cut all ropes that has tied my family.
I wanna free them
So they would never have to bow and be a yesmen to someone else, only because we owe them money
I dont want my family to be owned by people who lend our family with their money
Trying to buy us with loans

I’ll set them free
I’ll be Artorious, I’ll be William Wallace. I’ll be Washington I’ll be the man to set us free.

You know what i’d like to do?

Set my pace
Set it off
Get it going on
I wanna start switching lanes
Im going to the highway

I will make plans
I will work harder
I will be tired
I will be stressed
I will be down
Only to be up
Only to be strong
Only to survuce
ONly to gain height

I will get there
I will win this
I will reigh all
I reign supreme

I will be Free

I will be

For I Love my Family