What John Mayer Said…

Its amazing how God can put things in your way.

Deliberately so that you can think of things in a new way.

One night, i put on this John Mayer DVD “Any Given Thursday” i just bought

I watched it and since its late and it has been a dog day i decided to sleep whist letting the DVD roll on itself

Once the ZZzzz’s starts to flew high i was in deep sleep, untill suddenly i woke up

Its 4 AM and on my screen is still John Mayer he was juts ending a song and about to go on another

In between he said these lines

Considering it is the 1st thing i see when i woke up, it strucked me full thrust

This is what he said…

“I’ve just found the key ingredient for a Relation ship, Really i just found out about it, listen to this, a lesson from your uncle John…

One day, your day blew up cos someone said that there’s this boy/girl that likes you. You were liek BOOM sky high coz that someone is actually the person that you have been laying ur eyes to recently.

So then, you got his/her number from a friend and caled em. You got a great conversation on the phone so you decided to push ur self and asked “How about we go out sometimes on a dinner or movie sometimes” and then She/ He said

“I Liked That”

Suddenly WHAM! SKY HIGH! You felt so happy because of

“I Liked That”

After acouple of dates ur on the phone again and this time you had another great chat and then you said “You know, i’ve been thinking about you lately” and she was like “Gasp! I’ve been thinkin about you too”

BAM! Another hit, you flew so high higher than before. At this point, “I Liked THat” just has no meaning coz now, you moved up to another level “I’ve been thinking about you”.

FastForward, Now you say that you love him/ her and that she/ he said the same thing “I Love you” Again, You went higher that before. Now, “I Liked THat” and “I’ve been thinking about you” just couldnt cut it. Now its I love you.

Fast FOrward then you’d be saying Oh my God i wish there’s a word to describe this feeling coz love just cant do it anymore

FAstForward than you be saying “Say you love me” and she / he said “I love you” You go like more, more, more, say it more. And then before you know you’d be exchanging ” I love you’s” untill it goes so fast and so long,

suddenly you hit a big moment that turns you around when he/she said…

“I Hate You”

You go like “What?? No you dont”

She/he like “Yes, i hate you, i hate you i dont want to see you”

And then you’d be exchanging

“I hate you’s” and at this point, nothing works, you’re throwing punches on the water, everything just ..


And if there’s anything you can take out of this, is that..

You should never, ever, Dont ever Underestimate the Power of

“I Liked That”

Here, the crowd at Birmingham Alabama Cheers on him.

Suddenly, i come to think a lot of things about love.

About the thin line between hate and love and how it is driven by Emotions

How the unstable state of mind and the large ammount of emotion poured into 1 short mug will eventually, Blow up.

Never underestimate the power of “I Liked That” means Dont go hard on your Love.

Go easy, enjoy while it lasts

Take it easy and Enjoy the Ride