Why am i not home?

Because i have to watch over this Erwin Gutawa interview on Backstage

“Dont yo hafta rest so you can go to work in the morning with full fit?”

I shouldve, but i cant.

This man is to HUGE to let alone

I have to make him feel welcome by having the pressence of a senior officer

“Okay, so afterward you’ll go straight home?”

Yea of course though there’s another problem

“And that is…”

I cant sleep early

“Okay… are you talking to your self again”

I guess so… who are you?

“Im you”

Well then yea, im talkin to myslef again

“Arent you afraid that you might be losing ur mind?”

No… im okay

“Then why talkin to ur self?”

Simple, i felt lonely

“But there are Iwan, Marco, Anou and everybody else…”

I know, sadly, they’re not exactly who i want to meet

“I know who”

Of course, ur me…

“yea… i miss her too…”


“So when are we going home?”

In about 15 minutes…


“Has it been 15 minute?”


“Oh, okay…”

“How about now?”



NO.. ummm.. Yea.. lets go

(now that’s freaky… a journey in to an obssesive mind…)

Who are YOU!?

(im … umm you)

Oh, fuck so there’s 3 of us now…

< well not exactly...>

(Okay, this would be number 4)

OKAY ENUFF!! i gotta go home




< Buh Bye...>