“You’re an Ocean”

You’re an Ocean is a song from Fastball.

I think it’s right for me to start this blog by using it

This day turns out to be an Ocean for me…

Lotsa Ups and Downs, i was bored then i rushed adrenalines

Was sick and got healthy

My day was rushin’ as if it’s chasin’ sumthin’

Sitting at the Operators Booth sweating and under pressure

i waited Guystalk Live Broadcast from STARBUCKS.

Only im not there, im here, Inhouse Producer while Ikyu is our Starbucks Producer

So far so good

Yuki and Wisnu raises great funny chemistry.

I think we’re okay…

The best part of this Live Broadcast Show is

Starbucks and HardRockFM bdg Brewed together

Hope for a long good realtionship