You think you know (Indonesia) ?

Pernah denger kecerdasan kolektif?

Dibawah ini adalah contohnya 🙂

Gue nanya ke follower gue, fakta fakta menarik tentang Indonesia.

Hasilnya, luarbiasa 🙂

Bangga gue sama negri gue..

Do you know, Indonesia is the current champions of International Robogames? The world champion in robotics! #indonesiaunite

Do you know, lightning generates ozon and Indonesia is the world biggest ozon contributor? We’re saving d world literally! #indonesiaunite

RT@fazralimanda: do you know Indonesia? One of two Asia country that makes improvement in economy while 09 global ressesion. #indonesiafacts

RT@chuckstuck:do u knw tht java, indonesia, population wise is d densest island in d world, denser than honshu(tokyo), jpn?

RT@wandi2710:Did u know that Indonesia has vast areas of wilderness tht support d world’s 2nd highest level of biodiversity.#indonesiaunite

RT @wandi2710: did u know, The Indonesian archipelago has been an important trade region since at least the seventh century #indonesiaunite

RT @rizky89: do you know indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world #indonesiaunite

Really?? But then again, who wouldn’t? 🙂 RT @RicardoSuwandy:Did u know that MJ used to have a desire to buy Bali Island??

Wow! Coolness! RT @namasayayudi:Indonesia is home to 35cm miniature deer, fish that climb trees & catch insects #indonesiaunite

That means a lot 2 explore RT@namasayayudi: Indonesia Islands…Three of the ten largest islands in the world are found here #indonesiafacts

RT @namasayayudi:Indonesia is An ethnological goldmine… 316 ethnic groups is unparalled anywhere else in the world #indonesiaunite

RT @odeelix:did you know, indonesia is ‘the heaven’ of coral reefs? visit bali, thousand island, karimunjawa, bunaken #indonesiaunite

RT @illenoy:did u know that The world’s finest and most expensive coffee is Kopi Luwak from the Indonesian island of Sumatra #indonesiaunite

RT@andikaganyong: Indonesia creator n host of Bali Roadmap,beginning of global declaration 2 fight agnst climate change #indonesiaunite

RT@Inggriasto:Indonesia is the Second Nation in Asia-Africa region that can make & lauch it’s own rocket in the early 60’s #indonesiaunite

RT @DisaTannos: did u know that Indonesia is the most friendly country according to The Smiling Award 2009, Sweden? #indonesiaunite

RT @torro1010: did you know, the world’s second-largest concentration of rainforests is found in Indonesia #indonesiaunite

RT @fiarockabilly: did u know Borobudur temple is the bigest Budha temple in the world #indonesiaunite

RT @fiarockabilly: did u know Indonesia is number one producen of clove and nutmeg in the world #indonesiaunite

RT @BarryLikumahuwa: did u know that indonesia is perhaps atlantis? @jonathannasution on FB #indonesiaunite

RT @EarthPluto: do you know that Indonesia has most variety languages in the world? 742… It sooooo many #indonesiaunite

RT @tikuyuz: Did you know, Indonesia was awarded for issuing state bonds in foreign exchange? #indonesiaunite

RT @rizky89: did u know the highest point in indonesia is puncak jayawijaya (5.030m) in the highland of papua #indonesiaunite

Hehehe RT @RamaDimas: did you know that Indonesian Fried Rice costs 50 USD in one of South Korea Hotel? Well, Its true #indonesiaunite

Wow? 4real?RT @Inggriasto:Did you know that The Beatles role model is The Tielman Brothers, an Indonesian band in netherland #indonesiaunite

RT @fiarockabilly: did you know Indonesia has 6000 kinds of orchid #indonesiaunite

RT @it5v1c:Did u know,indonesia is host for international event sail bunaken 2009 at the most beautiful island is bunaken..#indonesiaunite

RT@dompu_tea:Did u know Indonesia has the world’s highest species numbers & diversity of coral (55%) compare 2 caribbean 14% #indonesiaunite

RT @radjaf: did u know Garam Madura is the most expensive salt in Europe? #indonesiaunite

RT @hestchi: did u know that Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue in Bali, Indonesia will be the tallest statue in the world? #indonesiaunite

RT @garnis: Did you know that professor who found a lungless frog species is from Indonesia ? #indonesiaunite

Oh God! It gets cooler! RT @Ren_Hata: did you know that the last sea gypsies in 21th century is SUKU BAJAU from Indonesia #indonesiaunite

Sekarang dengen perbekalan pengetahuan ini, kalau ketemu bule kita bisa bilang

“You think you know Indonesia? Think again” 🙂